Automate your clinic's service and increase revenues by up to 52%.

It’s not guesswork, it’s fact! 64% of appointment requests are made outside of business hours. Have a 24/7 automated service in the main channels, scheduling and answering your patients’ main questions, sending appointment reminders, and much more with a single robot.

It is very probable that your practice has experienced some of these problems:

The facts don't lie.


of the scheduling requests are made outside of business hours. (Source: Cloudia)


of patient complaints are related to the clinic’s service. (Source: Journal of Medical Practice Management)

2 - 3x

Click-to-message ads generate 2 – 3x more qualified leads (Source: Mobile Time)


of consumers say they prefer good service to low price. (Source:

With ChatSac it is like that:

The best and fastest way to talk to your patients.

YES! ChatSac automates the service on your website and in messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Direct for doctors, dentists, psychologists, nutritionists, medical clinics, dental clinics, and aesthetic clinics.

Watch this 40-second demonstration:

ChatSac was created so that clinics like yours, which are not programming experts, can have an effective 24/7 service to help your business sell more.

You serve your patients the same way they already talk to each other: by messages.

Get to know the platform and be surprised by the busy schedule!